Submit a Tip Anonymously

Please review the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page before submitting a tip.

Thank you for your willingness to provide a tip. To ensure the highest level of confidentiality, Crime Stoppers does not ask for your name or contact information. However, for a comprehensive and effective tip, please include as many details as possible. We recommend following our helpful hints on “What Makes A Good Tip.”

All tips are carefully edited to remove any content that may identify the tipster.

It is important to note that you should not attempt to gather additional information about a crime on your own. Leave this task to the investigative team. Once submitted, your tip will be forwarded to the appropriate investigative agencies.

As Crime Stoppers does not have access to the tipster’s identity, it is the tipster’s responsibility to periodically check back with Crime Stoppers to see if their information qualifies for a cash reward. Regularly checking in on your tip is the best way to stay informed if Crime Stoppers has any further questions.

Submitting Your Tip Online

The Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers, along with local Ontario Crime Stoppers programs, utilizes a highly secure online web portal called “P3 Tips” to input and store your tip information in a centralized database.

The online submission method empowers you to upload videos, audio files, and photos, significantly enhancing the value, accuracy, and usefulness of your tip.

Upon completing the online submission process, you will be issued a unique TIP ID number and password, which serves as identification for your tip. This ID number is useful for future inquiries, enabling you to check the status of your tip or add additional details.

Submit A Tip

Calling Our Tip Line

When you call our tip line, our friendly operator will guide you through the process, asking questions to help you recall crucial details. These details enhance the value and usefulness of your tip. Please note that we never request personal information, and we do not use call display or any phone tracking service.

At the conclusion of the call, Crime Stoppers will provide you with a unique TIP ID number and password. This ID number is essential for future inquiries or the addition of any new information you may become aware of.

To submit your tip by phone, call:
1-800-222-TIPS (8477)


By providing information that Crime Stoppers will share with law enforcement agencies, you are making a crucial and valuable public service. We understand that revealing your identity may put you at risk, and we take every measure to ensure your anonymity. However, there are situations where anonymity may be challenged:

  1. A call made to Crime Stoppers with the intention of furthering criminal activity or obstructing justice.
  2. Crime Stoppers cannot be used by a guilty party to shift blame onto someone innocent. It is not a tool for framing individuals.
  3. There is evidence that the disclosure of certain parts or the entirety of a tip is necessary to establish someone’s innocence.

Please refrain from sending sexually explicit images or videos, as they will be directly forwarded to law enforcement. The sender’s anonymity cannot be guaranteed in such cases. Such submissions will not be treated as Crime Stoppers tips and will not be eligible for a reward.